Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hair today..

Hair is, of course, as much an integral part of rock 'n roll as the guitar.
Hair are some examples of good rock but bad hair days.



I'll stop there. Once you start something like this the possibilities are endless

Actually, this weekend should have seen the first tentative and much anticipated venture back into the medium sized hills for over a year.However, months of low level trundling were in vain, as the fickle finger of fate struck again. Basically, I'm told that if I don't wish to figure in the Paralympic arse-kicking event, I should stay of my feet and hope that the latest wonder antibiotic does the trick.
Oh,bother !


  1. Not real rock, but I am sure
    Michael Bolton had one of the worst haircuts in the history of pop along with Dave Hill of Slade

  2. And then there is Jedward.

    Or have I taken this too far ?

    1. They are not ROCK.
      But a good reason why you should always take precautions.

  3. Brian May's barnet is iconic though, so its continued existence deserves some recognition, surely.

    Good call on Dave Hill, mind you. Worrying, even at the time.

    1. Thought that was Phil May's barnet was "ironic" before I put on the specs.

      I'll just throw in Phil Lynot's over one eye bubble perm for consideration

    2. Oh yes...

      And although not a rocker, Phil Spector sported an absolute cracker NOT!

      I'm stopping this now, time to move on in my life :)