Wednesday, 1 February 2012

"When these shoes were new............."

Those of you who have been taking your medication will remember that  some time ago I blogged about these Karrimor Meridian shoes.

The post under advisement, incidentally has gradually made its way to the upper echelons of the OSS Page View Hall of Fame, eclipsing on it's way several exquisitely crafted nuggets of wit, erudition and high adventure in wild places. So it goes.

I noted that they were comfortable, well made, waterproof with a very grippy Vibram sole, and seemed to me to represent excellent value. Unfortunately these shits at Karrimor marketing department failed to take the hint, and I have been confronted by the need to reach under the mattress again to replace them. As you can see they are still in remarkably good nick, but the sole is less aggressive than it was ( probably since I took them to the vet !) and, crucially, they are no longer waterproof.

Decisions decisions.
Should I stick with the tried and tested, or should I be  a bit more adventurous ? I once barrel rolled a MB and walked away unscratched with everyone saying I;d have been dead in a cheaper car. A strange superstition/loyalty then resulted in me driving a series of boring E320s for the next few years when a more exotic motor would have better suited my celebrity lifestyle.

Well I firstly decided that I didn't want a pair of these trendy cardboard shoes that fall apart after 100 miles or so, however innovative they might be.. I was quite keen on the Targhee for a while, but couldn't find them at less than £100, and didn't think I'd get that past the children's Inheritance Budget Committee.
So the winner is (drumroll)

Yup. Same old , same old. And very comfortable they are too.

............................Honey, take me out drinking tonight "


That's certainly been my experience, anyway.


  1. ZZ Top always make me grin. Well, that and hearing about you reaching beneath the mattress.

    I ma sure you'll cut a very smart dash in your new clogs.

  2. I find myself in need of new shoes too, and what with freebies not forthcoming and my portfolio of investments in Blacks, RBS and Woolworths having gone west, I may follow your lead and get some cheap Karrimor 'performance footwear'.

    1. Currently £38 and free delivery on Amazon. I paid £58 a couple of weeks ago. Bugger.

  3. They're "Gunsmoke". (which apparently is the new black)

  4. Actually, "Gunsmoke Shoes" sounds like it could be the title of a ZZ Top song, so that works fine.

    1. Can't seem to find a ditty called Gunsmoke Shoes.
      Will this do ?

  5. Replies
    1. you've got me beat this time. I just can't remember the joke that goes with that punchline !

  6. Sorry about delay in replying to comments.
    Blogger malfunction again. Don't get me started.