Saturday, 13 October 2012

Peasants dance in the streets of Tullibody

The rice harvest has been saved  - the rains have come.
Assuming that I was some kind of Rain God, people reached out to touch the hem of my garment as I strode through their quaint little village on my way to walk the Cambus circuit,
By the time I got on to the river side flood defence wall the sun had come out and a stiff "onshore" breeze was blowing. But both the Forth and the Devon were very much in "big water" mode.
Fine walk - about 5 miles- not much uphill- about two hours - kinda par for me at the moment,

PS. I am planning an omnibus post with pics and more detail about recent walks when I get , how you say, online, again.

PPS. The most worrying thing for me about the Lance Armstrong thing is that it might encourage some young drug users to think cycling is cool.

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