Sunday 25 May 2014

Birthday boy


Why do you keep posting all that old hippy type music , OM ? There's just as good stuff being written today.

Aye, right.


  1. All the very best to you, Sir - and I'd like to make that a wish for many, many more.
    Good to hear that you found the Pieman, too.

    1. Actually, Alan, it was Bobbie Dylan's birthday. But I'll put your best wishes in a drawer and bring them out and enjoy in August. Thanks.
      Looking forward to reading The Saga when it appears.

  2. Hell, he's knocking on a bit these days. And he has written some fair stuff over the decades, as you note, like many of the current crop! A nice little Parlor there, wonder if he hung onto it - be worth a few bob nowadays!

  3. I doubt if he's worried about a few bob !
    There's another good Newport clip of MJ Hurt with Dylan warming up the band in the background.