Tuesday 25 December 2012

Fine and mellow

Over eaten ? Pummeled by grandchildren ? "Important work" to do on the computer (while the washing up is being done) ?

Chill out with some cool sounds. Man.

(There you go, Scott)

Monday 24 December 2012

But seriously, though....

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog this year, and particular thanks to those who have left comments and who write the interesting, and sometimes inspirational, blogs listed on the side bar.

I hope you all have a really crackin' festive season and, more importantly, an enjoyable and rewarding 2013

Saturday 22 December 2012

I'm not saying that it has been raining here..

but when I looked out the window this afternoon, Mrs.OM seemed to be having difficulty crossing the street to hand in Christmas cards to the neighbours.

Here's Stewart Lee Just to further polarise the readership

Wednesday 19 December 2012

It's just physics, innit ?

A man walks up a hill without a pack. He uses x units of effort.

He walks up the same hill carrying a 10kg pack. He uses x+10 units

He loses 10kg of bodyweight (crash diet/liposuction ?) and walks up the hill again carrying a 10kg pack. He uses x units, Right ? And if so why does it not feel like that?

And why does the coffee and cheese buttie feel heavier in your pack than in your stomach ?  I think we should be told.

And still on the subject of mysteries of the Universe 'n that..
If it all goes pyramid shaped on Friday, you know who to blame

No not him ! Terence McKenna, who dreamed the whole thing up while doing mescaline in the good old '70s.
McKenna previously featured on this blog courtesy of Dangerous Danny, whose continued absence from the blogosphere detracts greatly from the gaiety of nations.

Monday 3 December 2012

Wind of change ?

Interesting article in the Record today.(The Daily Record is Scotland's top selling tabloid and, naturally, Labour supporting)

The story itself is not new, but the tone is
Now, the wind energy policy is currently supported by all 4 of Scotland's major political parties ( and the Tories), but I believe that if Labour sensed a groundswell of opinion based on the "waste of money"/ "cost to the consumer" arguments, they might realise that there are votes in it.
Still early days.