Saturday 22 December 2012

I'm not saying that it has been raining here..

but when I looked out the window this afternoon, Mrs.OM seemed to be having difficulty crossing the street to hand in Christmas cards to the neighbours.

Here's Stewart Lee Just to further polarise the readership


  1. Who were you expecting to offend?
    I thought that I'd seen all of that series, but I don't remember that bit, so maybe not.
    Still working hard on webbed feet and gills here, but evolution may not work fast enough. Time for some DIY gene-splicing...
    I too miss Danny's unique take on walking, fine-dining and antiquities.
    Enjoy Christmas/Hogmanay/the Solstice/winter-fest whichever flavour suits you best.

    1. I wasn't trying to offend anyone, Mark. I think we shook off the easily offended ages ago !. It's just thatI felt that some readers would prefer a stand up higher than 41st on the list
      Don't believe in ghosts, buteach of my posts gets a single page view from the TTT (sadly moribund) blog !
      All the best to you and yours - perhaps this year the Dukla Prague away kit ?

    2. I shall be doing the Len Ganley stance all over the Christmas period.

  2. I'll second that TTT appreciation. I had no idea what historical gems were beneath my feet until I read it over at Danny's place and now I find myself having a good old prod about.

    Happy Christmas, OM.

    1. I don't want to say too many nice things about him in case he comes back and he's un-bear-able.
      Have a great Christmas,Alan, and best of luck with your Challenge and your challenge (and the capitals are etc..) next year