Monday 24 December 2012

But seriously, though....

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog this year, and particular thanks to those who have left comments and who write the interesting, and sometimes inspirational, blogs listed on the side bar.

I hope you all have a really crackin' festive season and, more importantly, an enjoyable and rewarding 2013


  1. Aye, Alex there was a wee band! Is Maggie Bell still around, I wonder? She had a fine voice.....Have a great Xmas & New Year. Of course to a Scot, 'Mince Pie' can have a slightly different meaning. I've a load from Bennets of Dunblane in the freezer!

    1. I think Maggie Bell is still on the go - Looking and sounding a bit rough the last time I saw her (about 6 years ago)
      Joyeux noel 'n that, Iain. Don't eat all the pies !