Saturday 25 October 2014

Ah well...


  1. I sat by the ocean
    And drank a potion
    Baby, to erase you
    Face down in the Boulevard
    Yet I couldn't face you
    There ain’t no use in crying
    It doesn't change anything
    So baby, what good does it do
    Your friends, they all sympathize
    Maybe, I don’t need them to

  2. Very sad, Sir.
    Hope this finds you in the pink.

  3. Hello Alan, how the hell are you ? I'm not exactly in the pink - more snookered behind the black at the moment,but thats life (just)
    Did i tell you about the time JB and Charlie Watts were my rhythm section ( for about 8 minutes) ? Ah yes - of course I did.

    1. Sorry to hear that you're not up to muster, Sir.
      You need one of those trick shots - and in one bound he was free!
      You did, Sir - and I seem to recall asking if you are ever going to put some of your stuff up in here so we can all enjoy it? - Or if I didn't ask it at the time, I am now.
      Go on. You know you want to.
      Oh - and I'm fine, thank you - so much better these days. I had forgotten what being "well" was like!

    2. AAh, you don't catch me with that one.
      I've read all about you young floosies trying to entice respectable gentlemen to display their "stuff" on social media. You're probably not an attractive young blonde at all - you're probably a middle-aged man with a beard and glasses. Yuk. My paisley pj's are staying firmly zipped up, thank you

    3. Damn.
      I shall try the Pieman. I've heard he's a demon on the pink oboe.