Thursday 28 May 2015

Sometimes, when someone goes away for a while and then returns, there is much rejoicing and killing of the fatted calf (vegetarian option available).  And then again, as here, sometimes not.

The purpose of this post is to tidy up a loose end from a few months ago. I doubt if anyone remembers or cares, but I asked if readers could identify the location featured in the current header photograph. Now, most of my early hillwalking pics are transparencies, and I haven’t yet got the technology to digitise them. This was a rare print, and from the context, I at first assumed that it was Culter Fell. However, after some consideration, I decided that I didn’t recall a fence on top of Culter Fell, and that it was much more likely to be Windlestraw Law. I hope this helps !

One of the reasons for my absence was the increasing difficulty that I was having blogging with my previous computer running Windows XP. I fought against the corporate marketing rip-off for a while, then had to admit defeat and get a refurbished Tosh with Windows7 (avoiding the obligatory Windows8 on all new machines).

I now find that the Blogger editor works much better, though it’s still far from perfect, but Livewriter won’t let me in because of some issue with my Google identity !


  1. Welcome back. I hate the Blogger editor, it's truly awful compared with WLW, on which I've spent countless hours on trying to get it working this week, only to find it's all because someone at Google has decided to 'flick a switch'. Ho hum.

  2. Thanks Martin. I've found Blogger slightly better since I've been back with my new set up, particularly with the uploading of Youtube clips ! My current work-around is to generate the text in Word, leaving spaces for the pics, cut and paste to Blogger and then slot in the graphics. Not ideal and doesn't allow much final manipulation .

  3. I seem to be getting Blogger and Google ID issues quite frequently of late. Also 'the system' asks me to do things which either don't work when I try them, or are simply beyond my comprehension; there's a vast area (universe?) lurks out there beyond my comprehension.

    I think the fact that I've elected to stick with an older version of Mac OSX, and therefore an older version of Safari, has rendered me stateless and non-grata in technological terms.

    Anyway, much more importantly, welcome back.

    1. Thanks Dave. It's all explained in my book "Marketing in the Post-Capitalist Society"
      Step1 Make new stuff. Step2 Make old stuff unworkable Step3 Sell new stuff to the helpless plebs. Simples.
      Some of the other blogs are talking about alternatives, but mainly for people running Mr. Gates' Evil Empire OS
      . Of course, in my young day we made do with two cocoa tins and a piece of string.