Thursday 23 September 2010

Here's some I prepared earlier ....

Perhaps some more background ? I did quite a lot of outdoor activities in my early teens before being seduced by the holy trinity of sixties youth .I had another flurry of activity in my mid/late thirties when I got quite fit and did a lot of stuff in the Southern Uplands and quite a few Munros and multi-day walking. This slowly degenerated into a life of largely sedentary debauchery culminating in the inevitable diabetes and complications. Earlier this year I began to lose weight and get some more exercise. Regaining any sort of fitness level has been frustratingly difficult. As I plod about at low level, I sometimes imagine the clouds parting and an accusatory divine digit appearing accompanied by the thunderous admonition "Serves ye right, ya fat b******. (are we allowed to swear on these blog thingies ?)

However, here are some foties from the work in progress - hopefully greater things to come !

Started off walking the streets and roads near the house, but always tried to incorporate something like this for the old cardio vascular.

Lewis Hill was a bit of a milestone - first trig point in about 25 years and enticing views to the big stuff !

I must have been up Dumyat dozens of times, but, on a bad day last year, I said to The Lady of The House that it it was now way beyond my capabilities. However, done it twice this summer ! Ok, its only a tiddler, and I went up the easy way, but gies a brek, eh.

In a foolish attempt to build up some stamina, I walked about 12 miles along the Union Canal (well, the towpath actually) from Winchburgh to Polmont. This route is apparently popular with LEJOG bloggers, and I thought that I might absorb some of their aura. In fact, I stripped several layers of skin off my right heel and was out of the game for about 3 weeks !

So hopefully that sets the scene for the ensuing adventure laden posts. Take care out there.

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