Wednesday 29 September 2010

Limited Horizons

Ain't the Internet wonderful ? I certainly think so. I had been aware of Munros and Corbetts, but now I learn that there are Grahams, Donalds, Marilyns, Birketts, Hewitts, Wainwrights, Greggs, Macglashans, Ponsonby-Smythes etc. And HuMPS. In the course of my research into the latter, i discovered the existence of something called The Knock at Crieff, not a million miles from the cardboard box I call home.

I immediately set off, accompanied only by my faithful amanuensis Buspasspartout, for the douce burgh of Crieff.

Within 45 minutes of disembarking from Mr. Morrison's gleaming charabanc in the square I had reached the rather striking indicator.

A study of the map, however, revealed that this particular HuMP is of the "recumbent Jordan" configuration, and that the true summit lay elsewhere. A brief descent into the cleavage and a slippery climb up through some forestry brought me to this

- one of the few summits in central Scotland from which people can not pretend to have seen the Forth Bridge, Arran, Big Ben, the Troll Wall etc !

And in the great showbiz tradition of "leave them with a song"


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