Thursday 14 July 2011

Menteith Hills - Aberfoyle to Callander

A section of the Rob Roy Way.

Aberfoyle used to be a slate quarrying town

As I went up past the Dounans Outdoor Centre, I saw a bloke cutting grass with what I first thought was an old MF 135, but, as he got closer, realised was an International Harvester. When I went to take this picture there was a message on the screen that images were being saved to internal memory. A quick check revealed that I had left the SD card in the card reader at home..Not clever, but I never claimed to be perfect - draw a line - move on etc. It's the modern way.
Now I had no idea of the implications of this arrangement ( would I need an endoscope to view the pictures?), but I was pretty sure that I would have to ration the photo-opportunities. Good news, eh?

Waymarking was discreet. One of two markers seen over the whole section, but the way was obvious.

Ben Lomond. My first Munro over 50 years ago.

The Highland Boundary Fault.( But I'm not here to apportion blame)

Erratics? Stone Circle ? or what ?

The highlight of the walk - this hidden lochan right up at the highest point.
 I had lunch here. There was just enough breeze to keep away the flies and butterflies which can be so annoying as they  perch all over you in a pathetic attempt to get their photographs on the internet!

A good walk on a pleasant day. Perhaps a tad too much hard surface walking, and where it was soft, there were bits where it was really soft. Not too many long views, either, until near the end.
!0 miles and 1300 ft in 5 hours. A bit more respectable



  1. This blog is slipping dangerously into hill walking territory...

  2. Owned and worked a Ferguson TE 20 for a good few years when I turfed for a living, and I think the breeze was only you trying to find the secret "whistle"

  3. You could be right,Alan. I should probably stick to what I do best - gear reviews !

    Danny, I bet you were one of those nutters that used to brew their own TVO.