Tuesday 26 July 2011

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

Still there ? As promised, here we go on the second part of yesterday's walk.In which we leave the parish of Lecropt and besport ourselves mainly in the adjoining area of Row. That's pronounced Roo as in

And coincidentally they seem to have employed some fencers from Oz !

What's this ? A hill ?

Climbed off the carse now. I'm guessing, but this could be another section of raised beach..

Gargunnock and Fintry hills

Looking west to where the carse becomes the moss - Flanders Moss.

Up on the ridge now, and the David Stirling Memorial. That's the ....

Stirling, of course, founded the SAS, whose never to be forgotten motto is "Who Dares, Wins, Rodney"
He was a scion of the Stirlings of Keir family, and his nephew Archie likes to be known as the Laird, although Keir House and policies have been sold to Mahdi al-Tajir. Archie formed his own political party, as he rightly felt that none of the existing parties adequately represented hereditary landowners with a penchant for young actresses. It was hugely successful and won a large number of seats in the Scottish Parliament.
No. Wait. I've just checked again. It flopped miserably. There is a god.

Nice gall

And so to Doune. Originally famous for making pistols.

The Mercat Cross where markets were held and executions carried out. Not recently of course. I think the last one was 1968 or something - when they first put in the double yellow lines.

Global corporate HQ of Harveys Maps. Famous, to me anyway, for their excellent panoramas.

And finally -- Doune Castle. You remember Doune Castle don't you ? Course you do. Histeric Scotland have tarted it up a bit since the early '70s, but it's still recognisable, surely. The first castle in the clip.

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