Tuesday 30 August 2011

Least said the better

I have now read the guidebook description. ( "Why didn't you do that befo.." just shut the feck up, eh.)

It confirms
1 Paths marked  on the OS map for this route either do not exist or exist in a different place.
2.The way I eventually adopted in the mid section ( ie climb up onto the ridge and stop looking for a contouring path) was "correct"
3 This is a grade 4 (highest) difficulty walk . For this area, of course.

The Naismith is given as 3hr 50min, so I wasn't that far out, was I ?

I have not yet decided whether to retrieve my rucksack from the wheelie-bin.


  1. You should have worn a thaddle thilly. (The Boy's Bumper Book of Punchlines 1977, third edition) Get the rucksack.

  2. Maybe this would be an opportune moment to announce the fact that I shall shortly be marketing a Naismith voodoo doll/executive stress toy: a lean and long-striding action-figurine complete with gortex coat and staple gun. Also an exploding wind-farm kit. Neo-air sabotage tacks. Helium balloons to be attached to the rucksacks of uber-lightweightkitbore hikers. Until they float away.
    Anybody know where I can borrow the start up cash? A couple of million should do it...

  3. ...I wouldn't need the talcum powder.

    Mark, I'm in !

  4. Best get it out now before the binmen come (do they ever come when you put the bins out up there?). You know you wan to load it up again and go for a toddle.

    And yes, Mark. I agree. (They don't come here do they? I thought this was a safe place, sort of wing-backed armchairs, roaring fire and a dog at your feet with a nice glass of something sticky & warming - a sort of OM's club for distressed gentle folk...)

  5. I object to the unfair maligning of lightweight gear obsessives. At the moment I am currently investigating replacing The Fatdog with an inflatable model which will render the difficulties encountered crossing fences a thing of the past. Hurrah for lightweight labradors.

  6. Sorry gents - haven't been paying attention.

    Yes, Allan, the bins are emptied twice daily here.(I believe the service is part funded by some sort of whip-round which the Daily Mail apparently organises among English taxpayers)

    Kenny. Have you seen these titanium terriers ? Or these inflatable sheep that the Aberdeen FC fans carry ? Perhaps they do inflatable collies as well.

  7. You're maybe thinking of Airdales.

  8. Let go the string and its a Sky terrier