Wednesday 24 August 2011

Out of step.

Regular readers of the blog ( I know - it has a kind of "car crash" fascination, doesn't it ?) are aware of it's stop / go nature. Two steps forward and one back. Or vice versa. As the case may be.

Things had been going quite well during the early summer, and the overnight camping in the Lowthers was an unexpected bonus. I had hoped to build on this. It opens up so many options to me, being restricted to public transport and walking at such a slow pace. Longish day walks could be done over, say, two half days with an overnight camp.
Plans were laid.

Well, you know what life's like. One minute you're pechin at the top of a ladder, and the next you're back down at some snake's erse. I won't bore you with the details - you don't read this for tales of blood and snotters, do you? Suffice it to say  that we are currently in an ongoing backstep situation.
As you can imagine,  I have reacted to this setback with my usual good natured stoicism. (Aye,right. Mrs.OM).

Still. Crack on, eh?


  1. "Aye, right" is another of those identifiably geographical expressions. The unusual Scottish "double positive makes a negative" approach. Socio-grammatical maybe?


  2. Indeed. As in "That will be shining (bright)". The secret is in knowing where to put the emphasis.
    Incidentally, to go back to the vinegar/sauce line. Do you think it is the same as the juice/ginger line ?

  3. Ah, you see, I think there's a class element to that as well as a geographical one. They should, for example, call it ginger in Bearsden, but they don't.

    Social standing skews statistics, that's what I always say. Slowly.


  4. Being something of an expert on "stop/start" walking I found the "feck it" i'll write about something else approach to be very therapeutic. It is better if one incorporates blood, gore and gratuitous violence into the piece...for some obscure reason.

  5. Scott. Don't they call it "tonic" in Bearsden ?
    Kenny. Thanks for the idea. I'll just dig out my recipe for sardines on toast.The blood gore and gratuitous violence is involved in opening the tin.