Thursday 17 November 2011

Doesn't get much better

in my humble opinion, likesay.
Just sorting out stuff for the tape for the Big Day- a very long bittersweet operation.


  1. Good luck with, OM.

    "Tape". Nice. When are you in? I shall keep my fingers crossed.

  2. If I'm understanding properly, then you're certainly entitled to put stuff you like on that particular tape.

    Are you going to throw one in that you're sure nobody else will like? I would.


  3. Eh,well yes. Alan. Just remember the smoker you drink the player you get.
    That would be hard for you Scott - surely everyone loves Warren Zevon ?

  4. True, but I'm a big Gilbert & Sullivan fan as well.


  5. Coming back to your comment, OM - the great Joe Walsh! Takes me back....

    You are still commenting. This is a Good Thing.

  6. Ere! This tape? I might have picked up the wrong end of the stick, earlier on....

    Are things alright?

  7. No, things are not alright. The bad news is I am dying. The really bad news is - so are you. It's all a matter of timing.
    The local bookie tells me that the GP has been in and put a grand on me for < 18 months at evens. But then he also had England for the Rugby World Cup and Misha B for the X factor, so we live in hope.

  8. Right then.

    This timing thing seems a bit of a bugger, not to put too fine a point on it.

    Always best to try and beat the bookies, though.

    Come up with any good tunes to hum along to?