Tuesday 1 November 2011

Today I went for a walk

Yes I did. Round the reservoir. Now, I know I've done this often and even blogged about it a couple of times, But today to make it different and more interesting for you I wore red socks.

As a result of certain gerontomedical issues, I have been off my feet for a wee while, but today was just too good to miss and so I was off out.

After a long lay-off, the first bit up the steps was a bit of a swine, but I was pleased how soon this wore off. I wasn't exactly "on fire", but I was "gently smouldering"

 Bit of a bugger that the autumn tipped to be the last I'll see , one way or another, has been so disappointing as far as colour is concerned. No real frost to date has meant that dahlias are still unblackened on the first of November and the trees have just gone a dull muddy brown before defoliating.

However, onward and upward.

I had my usual seat on the dam and enjoyed an Egremont Russet

Resident pair of swans with two cygnets

From a distance I thought this was yer man coming to save the mighty Glasgow Rangers from administration.

Two hours - I reckon about 4 miles and 400ft of up

Now here's a little competition for all the Greater Manchester based readers.

Name that station.

I am lead to believe that it's now a Morrisons.


  1. I suspect that unless his prancing white charger turns out to be Pegasus, with consequent commercial possibilities, it still won't be enough to get them out of this one.

  2. Good to read you getting out and about. Red socks used to be all the rage.

    It was Chorlton station btw. And what a fantastic piece of music.
    Thanks for that.

  3. Aye,Scott. Or maybe Championie, The Wonder Horse ? I'll get my etc.

    Alan, Fortunately there is no such thing as "old-fashioned" these days - it's "retro".
    Yes indeed Chorlton station- a Granada TV production. Sometimes these big tours in the 60s wouldn't come North of the Border and we would hitch down to the Free Trade Hall, which I believe is now flats.

  4. The Free Trade Hall is a place i used to frequent when rock bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis played there.
    It’s the prestigious Radisson Edwardian Hotel now and very nice it is too.
    I actually got a free pint of Guinness there one night while i waited for Sheila to vacate her works Christmas doo. Very hospitable.

  5. The Free Trade Hall is flats? My god, what have we done?

  6. Thanks Alan. I suppose that's free trade for you.

    Mike you'll see Alan has corrected me - hotel not flats. Still. You'll be telling me the Wigan Casino's a shopping centre next !

  7. Hadn't thought about the fact there haven't been any frosts yet. Usually about the start of the 3rd week in October up here. I remember vividly..by totalling a first generation Fiat Panda on a bad bend near Thornhill on 22nd October 198(something) on black ice.

    So poor is the state of Scottish Football that the 'Gers could be penalised (what is it 10 points?)for being financial failures - and still sit top of the league.

  8. Seen frost in 11 out of 12 months hereabouts, Ken. Right enough, 198(something) was a real bad one.

  9. I used to sport a red wool balaclava (bought from Blacks of Greenock) to go with my knee length red woolly socks. Co-ordination was everything.

    The balaclava became steadily smaller with every wash until it was skull-splittingly tight and had to be retired. I'll have it somewhere. It can only be 40 years old so not in the 'chucking away' pile quite yet.

  10. Are you sure the tightness was due to the balaclava shrinking ?

    I seem to remember Dachstein(?) mitts didn't like the washing machine either.