Wednesday 5 September 2012


Thanks to the amazing restorative powers of hot Vimto, I may soon be allowed out to play
In the meantime, I have been having fun with Youtube. You know how it works - you search for something and the sidebar throws up something that you had forgotten about and then as yo follow this up you disciver little gems that you never knew about.
Here are a few.
(Warning ! If you've been on here before, and find my musical taste to be, well, crap, press the Red Button NOW to go straight to the Paralympics)

OK. Lets start with a man in a cowboy hat singing a Country song in a pub in Errshur. Nothing unusual about that, you may say. They've got to fill in time somehow until the fighting starts. But this is big John Stewart, considered by some to be among the best songwriters of his generation. Formerly a folkie in the Kingston Trio, he wrote a lot of poppy stuff in the sixties, including Day Dream Believer for the Monkees and a minor hit for himself with Gold (When the lights go down in the California town....)
Iin his later years he wrote, performed  and recorded some very worthy stuff I (I was looking for a clip of a track I have called The Ghost Inside of Me)
So  best of order now. Wan singer , wan song.

Next up its Joe "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get" Walsh. Filmed in 2004, it shows he could still sing and play a bit, as could the guys backing him. Recognise them ? ( before they get introduced at the end)

Joe Walsh again from the same gig. Looking worryingly like Russ Abbott, he backs one of the many sixties legends required to wear a cap while being filmed in order not to dazzle the pilots of incoming planes.

There's lots more, but I don't want to spoil you. If you;re good, I'll put up the Chuck Berry/ Jimmy Campbell stuff next time


  1. I was confident I'd get at least two of the band in the second video. Misplaced, that confidence turned out to be.

    Gem of a performance though!

    1. Joe Walsh+Booker T and the MG's +James Taylor ! They probably had to build the stage tilted slightly forward to prevent these laid back artists falling over.