Friday 28 September 2012

In my life

I've eased up on the historical anecdotes, as they have proved to be among the less popular posts on here. "Popular" , of course, in the context of this blog, is used in it's sense of "What is the most popular venereal disease ?"
So, instead of regaling you with tales such as being handed a bottle of Lone Star and a shotgun over the bar of a road house outside Tyler, I will let the following clips give you a tantalising taste of "OM- The Texas Chronicles"


  1. I was going to say that I've had nights out like that too...but then I watched the last video. I can't claim that three girls that looked like that have ever been interested in wandering over while I've been, um, swimming in the crick.

    Good tune though!


    1. Aye, Scott, it's a shame your romantic opportunities were limited by them filling in the crick (or "canal" as we call it)
      Always think the first song is open to various local variations - "Fuck youse, we're fae Wishae" for example