Friday 5 October 2012

I don't like it. It's all going too well

For today's venture I was looking for something to get me on to a hill, something to work on the "up" muscles, something I had done before ( to measure how I'm doing), and something that would be  less than calf deep  in mud. As you can imagine, I was not spoilt for choice.

The eventual winner was The Nebit, a cutesy little hill above Alva.

You start off up Alva Glen where the waterfall was every bit as spectacular as yon Viagra Falls in Canada

Then traverse across to Silver Glen and up the windfarm haul road.
Complete with cross drains !

At the sheep pens, I did consider going East up Ben Ever, but decide to stick to the original plan. Next time !

Call that a summit cairn ? These Tory cuts are really starting to bite.

Now the last time I was up here it was very windy and it was the day that I finally decide that the two walking poles configuration was not for me - they kept getting blown between my ankles.What? Well if you find that amusing that's your problem.

The Hills 0' Fife. must get over there sometime

On the way down I was trying to remember when I was last on top of a hill. The blog archive revealed that it was Myreton Hill in January. And before that, I think, Louise Wood Hill in July 2011. FFS. A missing year right enough.


  1. That's progress then! It's all good.


    1. It's positivity like that, Scott, which makes me question your Scottishness.
      Were you never taught that the correct response to "What a lovely day" is "aye, but we'll pay for it "

  2. Never seen someone so excited about cross drains :) .

    The Nebbit was one of the first hills I tackled with Maisie in 2006. Didn't mean to tackle it - just couldn't lift her over the locked gates up Alva Glen so chose an easier option.

    When do you propose the end to end Ochil walk then?

    1. Ah...I will assume that you mean it is not under consideration - just at the minute. :)