Tuesday 2 October 2012

Peuth Inspector Clouseau Closes the Case

We at the Surete (Access Division) never give up until the last kilometre of peuth has been walked and the last stile shaken. Like a poodle with a bin, we are !

So as yesterday promised to be what passes for a reasonable day, I set off to complete the inspection I had started on Saturday. Now this little mini-network involves a bit of doubling back and overlapping, but still could easily be completed by a fit and active person in one session. But then, a fit and active person wouldn't be writing this blog. You can't have it both ways

The weather was that familiar struggle between the Sun King and The Rain God - hazy sun trying to burst through the cloud and halfhearted spitting of rain

On Saturday I had louped this stile and headed off down the glen for the bus home. Today it was onward and upward.

The first of the 478 frustrating false summits (I've counted them !) if you choose to ascend Dumyat from this side.

Interesting question - when does a cross-drain become a ford ?

This little spot just seemed to have "Reserved for OM's Arse" written on it. "Table for one,sir? certainly. Are you having the set menu? Can I recommend the banana with hardly any black bits, followed by the cheap Tesco coffee from the flask ?  Enjoy" The Rain God was beginning to prevail, so I didn't tarry, and moved on , leaving a generous tip (Don't eat yellow snow)

Those of you who are reading this without moving your lips might be thinking "That's not a path - that's a track" Correct. However it is part of the Core Path Network As the Bee Gees said "It's only words"

We're at over 1000 ft here, and it's raining fairly steadily

Here's an "issue". If that lett was just lowered a bit the puddle would drain away.

This junction marks the end of my jurisdiction. I had planned on retracing my steps, however there was a longer option to carry on up Glen Loss to the Sheriffmuir Road and home that way. It had stopped raining, I felt surprisingly fit, and, with the weight of  official responsibility lifted from my shoulders (must get some of that titanium responsibility) I carried on up the glen.

I don't know who is responsible for this path, but judging by the straightness, it's probably Via Inspector Morse.

Colsnaur. It holds the snow early and late.

When I was up her last year they were in the middle of harvesting this little bit of woodland. Now it's just a corpse of clear- fell with only the buzzard poles remaining.

And so back home by way of the reservoir. No sign of the swans. Does anyone know what has happened to Danny who used to blog about cups and rings and a whole lot of other interesting stuff ?

About 7 miles and 1100 ft. Perhaps, just perhaps, we might be starting to get somewhere again


  1. Thank you for the Clouseau clip. I have now finished picking all the pieces of apple out of the keyboard.

    Good to see you have a good old stomp amongst the hills again.

    1. That'll be a Mac computer?
      On a serious note for once - thanks to all the people on my blogroll for inspiring me on dark days. You'll know what I'm talking about.

      Ok serious bit over- back to trivial flippancy again for the next three years (DV)

  2. Hi OM. Good to see you're out and about again. I'm glad you mentioned Danny because I'd thought of asking you that very same question. I emailed him about a month ago to see what he was up to and I've heard nothing.

    1. Thanks. Alen. Hope the old git is OK - far to many bland, samey bloggers - we can't afford to lose someone with a "hinterland".

  3. When does a cross drain become a ford? When nobody can be arsed putting a pipe through! ...or... After the first insurance claim! :wink:

    1. Hmmmn. Would s pipe no make it a culvert ? I think of a cross drain as being open U-section PCC channel sung just belowthe surface ?

    2. A cross drain can be anything from a rough cut channel to your super-duper U section. If nobody bothers about it for a while it will get wider - then someone might put a pipe through making it, as you rightly point out, a culvert. If they ignore it for a while longer until they need something greater than 3m - then it needs to be a bridge. If they ignore it completely by default it will become a ford...simples (tchk). :)

    3. Well, that would appear to clear that one up. ;-)

  4. I too thought the Adopt a Path thing was a Good Idea. Unlike you however, I haven't yet got off my arse to do something about it.
    I've also missed Danny's idiosyncratic blog - maybe we should start a campaign? Well - maybe you should start a campaign, I'm a bit busy wondering about whether or not to adopt a path.

    1. Right Mark. Council website - Access Officer - "Take me, I'm yours" - sorted !
      Yes, The pipes, the pipes are calling. I'll try an email, but Alen says he got no reply. But he lives in Lancashire - can't you just pop round and knock his door ?