Tuesday 12 March 2013

Red Nose Day



It certainly was on the Perthshire hills yesterday.

With a wind that could cut sheet steel, I was nice and toasty (I believe this is the current mot just) in my stylish top gear. Apart of course from my positively Rudolphian proboscis. I  must start reading the gear blogs to see if PHD or someone does a down/cuben schnozz warmer.

It was so cold that I was disinclined to remove my dachsteins to facilitate the customary painting with light. So you will just have to take on trust my claim of 7.5miles and 700ft.

Would I lie to you ?


  1. I've never used a schnozz warmer that didn't cause condensation problems. Have you tried one of those welder's masks on a headband and hinge that pulls down over the face? That would sort out any sunglasses problems too.
    Glad I thought of that.

    1. Or perhaps a full-face respirator ? That would solve the flatulence problem at the same time.