Wednesday 13 March 2013


Before Wakeman joined and they disappeared completely up their collective fundament.
Pete Banks died this week






Edit. Just added this. Because I can. From when the world seemed a hopeful place


  1. oh dear. I hadn't realised. Thanks for posting it. One of my favorite bands.

  2. I had heard the sad news from a friend in the US - a real shame.

    PB is one of the lesser known members of Yes - as you say, heavyweights of the likes of Rick Wakeman are far higher profile. But PB's contribution to the early Yes sound/success was paramount, and he was no mean player in his own right - as can be seen from the clip.

    A sad day.

  3. Alan and Jules. Time and A Word is one of my favourite albums of all time, although I have to admit they started to lose me after that.But I always admired their musicianship and originality.
    I've just added Time and A Word to the post.

  4. Sorry to hear this

    My all time favourite Yes track is "I've seen all good people" Surely one of the most joyous tracks ever. It always fills me with happiness.


  5. Thanks, Alan.Joyous music.
    Can you imagine them auditioning for the X Factor ?

  6. That sums up perfectly what's wrong with dreadful programmes like that.