Friday 11 October 2013

Top Gear Live


Due to overwhelming demand, a fifth night has had to be added to the dates at Glasgow’s newest venue, The Hydro.

This demonstrates two things.

Firstly, as I have often pointed out, Jeremy Clarkson is an absolute cult.

And, secondly, that the predictive text function on Blogger is a bit unreliable.



  1. Predictive text can be a strange thing and can, most unfortunately, water down the impact of one's point. And yes, I agree, Jeremy Clarkson has oft been described as a colt.

    Hmm, I see what you mean. Maybe you should try WordPress.

    I'm hoping this comment will, at last, reach the blog. I've tried off and on for the past few months to post a comment but my ipad (which I've had to work from) hates Blogger blogs with a vengeance and refuses point blank to cooperate. I've now more regular access to the PC so...fingers crossed...