Saturday 2 November 2013

No point in posting anything, really


I expect most of my demographic will be away in Germany competing in the World Beard and Moustache Championships.



It’s been a quiet few weeks here at Loch Woebegon.

I suppose quiet is better than silent








The Man finally arrived


  1. Compared with the good old days of "Where The Fatdog Walks" it has been very quiet here at "Reservoir Dugz" as well. My hillwalking demographic departed with the Fatdog and most of the rest vanished (understandably) when I had an extended holiday from the blogosphere.

    I used to play "I'm waiting for the man" over and over and ....

    I also had a VU album (can't remember its name) but it was totally unplayable - just a horrendous hissing noise.

  2. Ah, the Good Old Days. I mind them. I seem to remember that your blog got awfy technical and difficult to access for numpties like me before sort of disappearing.
    I see that it still sits there on my blogroll - I'll add your new one so stand back and get ready for the flood of referrals.

  3. I'm waiting...shouldn't be too long now I expect...

    Sorry about the access problems...I believe the Council have an officer covering that sort of difficulty so I expect he'll be popping round soon to tell me to unlock the bloody thing and get rid of the "Piss Off" notices. I thought I'd removed all the barriers to commenting ages ago but I shall go and investigate.

    I had to shuffle blogs a couple of times after losing Maisie...too many associations before settling on Reservoir Dugz with the new pups (now both over a year old!) Only now getting back to being able to write more regularly and getting the blog set up the way I want it.

    Just noticed I don't even have a blogroll of any sorts these days...that's another job I have to do (sigh).