Saturday 23 November 2013

Not again !





But, whereas last week this was the pinnacle of my achievement , yesterday it was a mere staging post on the way to greater things.

The official excuse was the overdue completion of my Autumn path inspections. But, in truth, no excuse was needed to venture out on such a fine crisp-cold sunny day.

I may see dozens more like it. Or it may be my last. And exactly the same ( in a non-mathematical/statistical sense of the word) could be said by the miserable eyes-down buggers who failed to acknowledge my “Fine day” greetings. Arseholes.



The backside of Dumyat



Where the Ochils kind of meld into Sheriffmuir


DSCF4508 Did I mention that it was cold ?


DSCF4511 Lossburn Reservoir



The old farm of Jerrah. The earliest farming, arable as well as livestock, took place up here on the plateau, as the fertile river valley was still a swamp


Well, you didn’t think I walked, did you ?



Turning the corner to head South down Menstrie Glen, the smell of yeast became apparent in the still, cold air.The Diageo complex in the middle of the pic processes yeast for many of the company’s distilleries.


Probably about 7 miles and 1000 ft ascent, but who’s countin’.




It’s 50 years since Aldous Huxley died. I seem to remember Don Van Vliet telling of having sold a vacuum cleaner to Huxley while working as a door-to-door salesman. This may have taken place in reality.

Or it may have just have been part of one of the Captain’s trips.

Or one of Huxley’s

Or one of mine.



  1. "...telling of having sold..."

    I particularly liked that bit. Tense wrangling. :)

    1. Hmm.For further enjoyment see most pages of Commentarii de Bello Gallico by J.Caesar

    2. BTW, Scott. Your blog has been missing my bitingly witty and ill informed comments lately because it seems to demand a password.

  2. Er, aye - I changed something a few weeks back because I was getting some rather interesting online offers from across the globe, with embedded links to...specialist websites.

    It's certainly put an end to that, but it wants a password from me as well, so I'll change it back again just as soon as I can remember it. :/