Friday 20 December 2013



I just thought that I should post something in case you started to believe that I had died,and began pestering my wife for my “gear”

In fact, I’ve been rather busy what with some unexpected pearlcasting, supervising the builders ( you’d think that they had never had to build a simple mausoleum in a suburban back garden before !), and enjoying a little sunshine. None of which has occasioned a visit from the muse.

Anyway. Where was I again ?

Ah yes – Awards.

It’s been a bad 12 months for me, I’m afraid. Missed out again on Rear of the Year despite a shed load of testimonials, including some from readers of this blog, averring that I am a complete arsehole. And then, only the other week, the disappointment of the Bad Sex Awards where I was shortlisted (sic) for The Lifetime Achievement award but lost out to a panda.


Point is.

I heard a wee whisper that The New Year List will finally contain Sir Slowhand. Apparently his rather odd political views have been held against him in the past and it may seem a bit of a comedown for someone who was deified in 1964, but – Elton John, Tom Jones come on !




  1. That is two lots of good news. Clapton's not dead and you're gong to get a gong.
    This whisky's going down a treat.
    Happy Chrismuss...

    1. Good to hear you're back in training !
      Does no bugger read this blog when they're sober ?!

  2. Well, congratulations on getting shortlisted at least. Although in that category, I'm not sure whether coming first is a good thing or not.

    Re Allmans, was it you that pointed out this soul/southern boogie crossover in the first place? My memory's shocking. If it wasn't - and just in case it's interesting - then here's Wilson & Duane doing their respective things. :)

    1. Wisnaeme ( little legal expression there !) Although with my memory.........
      See what you mean. cf Booker T and the MGs and Cropper/dunne playing on all the great Stax/Volt classics, the original Blues Brothers movie, and some Little Feat
      Delaney and Bonnie ? SRV/Superstition ? Or have I taken that too far ?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That comment was removed by the author- and indeed created initially by the author - for reasons known only to the grape and the grain. Sorry.

    On a more positive note, here's something rather good by a chap whose name sounds like he could be in Coronation Street:

    1. Unfortunately my Spectrum ZX doesn't seem to be able to open that link.
      But I'm intrigued. Who could it be ?
      Gary Barlow ? Elvin Bishop ? Stevie Ray Duckworth ? or even Hilda Ogden's Nut Gone Flake ?
      (I may have taken that too far !)

  5. After those, I wish it was funnier than Tinsley Ellis. ;) "A Quitter Never Wins" to be precise.