Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sensational Prize Competition Bonanza !!

Hyperbole Productions present the biggest cash giveaway since the Royal Mail privatisation !

OK. Here's the deal.
I'm preparing to revamp the blog – new skin, new “feel”, updated bloglist, new Reader's Wives section, new celebrity gossip, - you know the sort of thing.
I'm also planning to change the rather bleak cover page picture of the Madonna tribute cairns. Hence the competition.
Winner is the first person to name, via the comments, the location of the current picture. Couldn't be simpler.I will apply comment moderation for the duration to make it more interesting (as if that were possible). FIFA rules of fairness and transparency apply.

First Prize. I will donate 10 spondulics, in your name, to the Mind charity via the Virgin giving page set up by award-winning blogger Mike Knipe.You will of course receive the warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing good, plus you will still have a tenner in your sky rocket to spent on some of the exiting, must-have gear advert reviewd by the top-style bloggers. Result.
The first 500 runners-up will receive a voucher allowing them to donate their own £10 to this worthy cause. In this case you will still receive the warm fuzzy feeling, but in addition you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you haven't wasted your money on badly made overpriced designer label tat.Result 2.
Off you go.

Guitarists – don't try this at home !


  1. Three Brethren OSGB36:NT 432 319 - 55:34.6517N 2:54.0625W

  2. Ooooo tar! That's very generous. I think I know where it is but I'll keep shtum pro-tem - just in case it isn't

  3. Hmm. Well, apparently you can see Schiehallion from EVERYWHERE, and it'd be just like you to make it a trick question, so that's my confident answer.

    (If that boy with the guitar sticks at it he could end up no' bad, btw.)

  4. The cairns; are they part of that bigger cluster that's on the pennine way? Hartley fell is the hill.

    I'm torn between this answer and the ones on Skipton Moor. 'Torn' in the sense that I don't think either is right and also I'm guessing that - since nobody else has had a go - the answer is too difficult for me anyway.

  5. Is it the three Brethren? You may get this comment twice. sorry.