Sunday, 21 December 2014

We have a winner !

And it is.....(fumbles with envelope) …. Danny ! Within an hour of the post going up he had the answer complete with grid reference and latitude/longitude. I suspect he somehow used yon internet, but that wasn't prohibited so, after a steward's enqoiry, the result stands (subject to passing the usual drugs test). So a crisp tenner will be whizzing its way through the ether to Mind in his name.
Alan Rayner also got the correct answer (twice), but his finger wasn't quick enough on the buzzer.Dave had a good attempt – I know what he was thinking about, but I can't remember the name either – and Scott entered into the spirit of the thing with a wild guess. Mike of course, knew, but was ineligible ( it's not a stigma these days ) Good game, good game.

So, if you didn't win, here's your chance to get yourself a warm fuzzy feeling in time for Christmas. Just get out the plastic (credit/debit/library/bus pass) click on this link and Bob's your auntie's live in partner.


Why ?
1.Mental health issues affect every family in the land – Mind ( and SAMH in Scotland) do great work in a hugely underfunded area.

2.If you are reading this, odds are you read the Pieblog. Good value, innit ? Averages 3 posts aweek – you get a bit of a titter (sic) and useful walk routes, plus loads of helpful hill lore based on a lifetime's experience (I'm not overdoing this, am I ,Mike ? No, keep going MK.) And dog pics.All this would cost you about £400 a year in the Daily Telegraph!!. So, cash that 10/- postal order you got for Christmas and do the decent thing.

3. Well, I had hoped you wouldn't make me do this.....

No more Mr. Niceguy

What ? Where is it ? Ah, yes.
It's the Three Brethern near Selkirk. The cairns mark the meeting point of three estates ( Philiphaugh, The Yair and another one I can't remember). They sit on the route of the old Minch Moor drove road along the ridge between Tweed and Yarrow.The Southern Upland Way partly follows this route . The picture, scanned from a print, was taken sometime in the mid-80's on a day walk from Gala to Innerleithen.Lovely Borders landscape, hoaching with history and soon to be improved by the obligatory windfarm.


  1. I knew it..... Three Standards Rigg near Penrith or Appleby or somewhere And the virgin money giving site got the ten quid (they send me emails about it...) so its all good. I hope Danny feels all warm and fuzzy and if he doesn't, there's always the Christmas booze cabinet.

  2. Hmmm, not sure about this....I'm minded to ask for a recount. Last time I was up there I counted more standards than that. Mind you, I had just come out of the boozah.
    That's it with standards I s'pose - they're falling.
    Is anyone else with me on this one?