Sunday 11 January 2015

Now you see it.......

Having worked out hat the problem with youtube clips was to do with Flash ( the iPad problem was the clue), I updated my version and lo (and behold) the devils music was displayed unto me in IE. Then it wasn't. Then it was again.
It's probably dirt in the carburettor 
No, I haven't been doing much walking - we've had lots of rain and I don't want to get my £400 jacket wet.
Any one got any ideas about the current title pic ? I know at least one of you has been there.


  1. I can play YouTube stuff on my Hudl2 but struggle like blazes with SOME stuff on the BBC iPlayer - very frustrating. Changed the plugs (plug-ins not supported they said) cleaned the carbs, lifted the needles a notch, all the usual stuff, but to no avail.
    I'll call the AA.

  2. I struggle with some of the stuff on the BBC iPlayer as well, JJ.
    When I see Kate Humble bang on about green energy the colours all turn a misty blood red.
    They're putting something in the tea, you know.
    That trig point is awfully big. and the fence doesn't look anywhere near big enough to keep all the Picts out of Northumberland. So I'm guessing that my first guess of somewhere along the border fence is wrong then?
    I'm sure I saw the same ice formation there...

    1. Close, but no cigar (as Monica said). Cryptic clue - it's a Donald and a Denis !

  3. No video on iPad - can't see it through the red mist...
    Was the ice axe made in Cannock?

  4. Well calm down ! :-)
    I know nothing of such things, but I believe that there is an issue with Flash Player and Apple products ? Can you see Youtube clips on other blogs with your iPad ?
    The ice axe was a Mountain Technology 65cm. Made, I think, by a guy called Hugh McNicoll in Glencoe.It met its end when a so called mate of mine reversed a Lada Niva (I kIid you not!) over it in a lay-by in Glen Urquart.I replaced it with a cheap own-brand thing that Graham Tiso was selling at the time, but it didn't have the same "feel"

  5. A trig pillar and a fence and lots of snow and ice? It's not a lot to go on. Is it a Marilyn and a Thelma too?

    1. Not a lot to go on ? Rather like our local bobby the day a tree was blown down on the toilet block of the police station.