Thursday 1 January 2015

Situation normal.....

It appears that there has been a slight overrun on the essential engineering work currently being carried out on the blog.
I would like  personally to apologise to passen readers who have been inconvenienced and can assure them that I will be forgoing the large bonus to which I am fully entitled.
Over Christmas, I had hoped to get some assistance from the 7 year old, but although apparently a master of something called Minecraft, he found Blogger totally incomprehensible. And the 38 year old seemed totally preoccupied with some unusual activity on the Singapore stock exchange.
However. I can now give it some welly. Picture to crop and resize, some text colour changes, update information, add new people to bloglist etc.
Strangely, in the new template, all the existing video clips have vanished when viewed in IE, but are stll there in Firefox.
Heres a new one to see what happens.

Now, this, I hear you say, is all very well, but wasn't there supposed to be some outdoor content on this blog? My, what a good memory you have.
Well, thing is - over the years I seem to have laid waste to several key parts of my body which the medical “profession” keep attempting to patch up. The latest debacle involved being off my feet and confined to the house for a four week period prior to Christmas. Fret not. Back out street walking, so watch this space.


  1. I see you've had the interior designers in, Sir. A very smart make-over. And videos mid piece as well!
    If I might make a suggestion, it's possible to re-size your delightful header picture to fit the width of the blog - so we don't have to scroll right to see the entire picture.
    It's good to hear you're out and about again.

    1. Yes. I've had Julian and his friend Sandy from Buona Interiors in to co-ordinate my cushions and drapes.And yes, I agree it's always important to keep an eye on The Big Picture

  2. I cannot see a video just a red spce. I'm on Apple ipad. All the best for 2015.

    1. And to you and Sheila , Alan.
      This computer stuff is very frustrating. Like yourself, I imagine, give me a screwdriver and a socket set and I'd have a crack at fixing anything mechanical.
      Although even tractors are affected now. A mate of mine found he couldn't lift the plough at the endrigg and had to get a guy out from the dealer with a laptop !

  3. Our computer seems to be 'in sync' with Alan and Sheila's. Thanks for reminding us of the 'outdoor' nature of your blog, and we are pleased to note your continuing efforts to make the title of your blog a reality.
    Happy New Year
    Martin and Sue

    1. Well, thank you Martin, and all the best for 2015 to you and your family.
      Its annoying. i cant view the clips either when I use IE, but if I switch to Firefox, everything is fine.And all I did was change the template ! Obvious answer is to go back to the original, I suppose.

  4. I can't resist the temptation to mess with my blog template, every now and again. It rarely goes well, never to plan, the end product is usually a mix of not quite what I had in mind coupled with generally worse than it was before. And then I invariably either lose something or inadvertently resize an object and can't undo it.

    A more intelligent person would just stop messing, but I always mistakenly believe that this time I've thought it through properly. Anyway, happy new year and the choice of music is excellent.

    1. Best wishes for 2015 to you too .
      Where would the world be without us pioneers and innovators ? "To boldly g0.........."

  5. Apart from slight concerns regarding your innovative 'red on almost red' style at the head of the blog, and the preference towards circles wallpaper rather than pictures of outdoor action, I'm delighted to discover that The Byrds are alive and well on this computer's IE11, albeit remaining totally 'redded' on the ipad. Have fun!
    Signed: Boring Person who hasn't changed blog template for Years!

  6. Doncha know "red is the new black" ?
    I suspect it is something to do with Flash!, but then what do I know ?