Friday 1 January 2016

A message

At the end of a year which has seen the country ravaged by threats of international terrorism, natural disasters, and Jeremy Clarkson, a nation turns it's weary eyes toward someone who can provide a message of hope for the coming twelve months. A beacon of light and promise in............
Oh just fucking get on with it. Ed.

Happy New Year



  1. Replies
    1. All the best for 2016 to you and yours, Danny. I'll be trying some of the recipes ! What was with the peregrine in the cage ?

    2. the cage is just an arch, with a bead curtain at one end, that we hang the bird feeders on. Niger seeds for the Goldfinches and Sunflower hearts for the Great/Coal and Bluetits the Sparrow Hawk flew in for an opertunist snack