Saturday 6 February 2016

A note from his mum

“Please excuse OM from walking and blogging. He is proper poorly at the moment (since November, actually) and he’s all swollen up with yon fluid.

He seems to be getting a bit better, so I’m going to let him  out to play next week. No rough games, mind you. Just some gentle strolling about the town. Perhaps some of that “anti-photography. I hope this is alright with you.

His Mum. (Her mark) “


Thanks , mum. That should fool them. They don’t know you’ve been dead for ten years. Here’s one of your favourite wee tunes


  1. Sorry to hear about your swollen stuff, OM. I hope you'll soon be bouncing around like Pete Townsend, Sir.
    That's the very best version.

  2. Thanks Alan. Worse things happen at sea. Apparently.
    It's a bit frustrating to be taking as many pills as Moon and remaining as static as The Ox !

  3. Thanks for the little video. I didn't realise the Who worked so hard to get these great sounds, but it almost looks like they're not having fun. (unlike their audience and me!)