Sunday 14 February 2016


Some of you probably have a local walk, or part of a walk which you use to estimate your relative level of fitness after a long lay-off or period of illness. I have several. After having been hors de wombat for about three months, my expectations have been low, and confined to walking up the village to the shops. On Thursday I made it up to the Co-op and back without having to stop for a breather. This was a triumph. Joy was unconfined and the peasantry celebrated in style. Canons were fired, commemorative coins were struck, and prisoners were pardoned ( but not by the canons – they had been fired, remember ?)

This, as I told the reporter from the Karachi Press and Journal at the press conference, is only the beginning. I have my mind set on the mighty Dumyat (by the direttissima – Warlock gully) in early summer, before the bracken gets too high.

Thereafter, the world is my oxter. In the meantime, I am working for a couple of days next week. This will not involve much walking. I shall travel to the Weege by train , and, on arrival, someone will call me a hansom cab.  I will then spend a couple of days trying to create an impression that is more gravitas than Dignitas. Ah well. And so it goes (KV)


One of my favorite Spider John Koerner songs sung by 12-stepper Bonny Raitt complete with Koerner’s trademark footstomp.


  1. I love it at the start of a track when you hear the stylus drop and find the groove. God, that takes me back.
    Yes - leave the Dignitas stuff until the last possible moment Sir.
    Good to hear that your stumping about the place. Careful with that Glasgow; Everytime I go there I come away with a steaming hangover.

  2. Replies
    1. Good to see that someone is prepared to maintain the standards of grammar and punctuation from which the original poster so frequently slips

  3. Your World is
    richt unner the jient whaur the airm jiens the shidder ?

    Oxters are ugsome things,

    They bide beneath yer airms.

    They're switey an they're mingin,

    An fou o hairy wurms.

    1. Did ye hear o the deil as he wauchled through Beith
      Wi a bairn in each oxter and wan in his teeth ?