Saturday 18 December 2010

Festive Top Tips

Tesco : Want to engender a feel- good atmosphere among the customers in order to encourage them to spend more in store ? Then bin the silly antlers on the check-out staff and use the money to fix the wheels on the sodding trolleys.

Edinburgh Council : Why waste council tax payers money on a little diddy ice-rink in Princes Street Gardens when you could follow the lead of civic masterminds ,Stirling Council, and turn the entire pavement and footpath network into a giant ice-rink ?

English sporting media : World Cup ?  Ashes ? Which bit of the fat lady thing do you not understand ?

Sadly. So it goes.


  1. The fantastic Captain Beefheart! When I was seventeen my g/f and I used to put this on loud - It cleared the house. I owe the Captain an awful lot! ;-)

  2. Sadly. as of yesterday, the ex-Captain (Thanks to Mr.Banfield for the info).

  3. As I'm given to understand it - the staff at Tesco
    supply the fancy dress themselves and also pay a £1.00 for the privilege of wearing it. The money collected goes to a charity. This was explained on a notice at our local Tesco.
    As far as the sodding wheels on the trolleys are concerned they drive me mad......!!

  4. Trevor, you've been reading this blog for long enough not to expect fair well-balanced informed comment. I'm far too busy and important to read notices ! Anyway, I'm sure that "Jeannette" wasn't wearing fancy dress, and that the antlers are natural.