Friday 17 December 2010

There is a season........

....for looking back. evaluating, and looking forward.

Like a family, it's all relative. One person's major triumph is another person's everyday occurrence.
We attended the graduation of one of our children this summer.It wasn't the first, and it wasn't the fanciest, but because of the odds overcome, it was very special for all of us.Certainly beat climbing some stupid hills as the year's highlight.

Perspective, I see Swarb  has a full schedule of gigs for 2011. Despite having The Telegraph publish his obituary 10 years ago !


  1. Good stuff.

    Admittedly, it's made me want to go and dig out some of my early Tull albums, but it's good stuff nonetheless.


  2. I take it we're talking vinyl here, Scott ?

  3. Indeed - it involves a trip to my mother's house and climbing into the loft, mind you. Probably not ideal storage conditions.


  4. "Who knows where the time goes" - I missed this first time around - Thanks. Moving stuff.

  5. Scott. And then yo've got to find a sharp needle for the gramophone.

    Alan. I'm going to stop posting these soppy clips if it distracts you from your route planning

  6. I knew there was something!...

    Now, where did I leave my maps.... That Sandy was a lovely lass, wasn't she?