Sunday 5 December 2010

You lookin at me, pal ? (with slight returns)

I would like to start, if I may, with a little ditty perhaps appropriate for love in a cold climate.

Now here's the deal.

They've all gone out
I'm not allowed out
I am suffering low level pain/discomfort
I haven't had a cigarette for 28 years
I haven't had a drink for 7 1/2 months
I've finished all my library books

So, I'm going to prowl the blogs/message boards/forums looking for trouble.
If you see me coming, I suggest that you step aside.

I'll be back.

Edit 15/15

Just been through my contacts list and deleted a lot of tossers who I have no intention of ever emailing again. Sent "strongly worded" reminders to people who owe me money.

Heres more John Hiatt. He's bloody good. Who says Americans don't "do" irony - the running pastiche by the guitarist is excellent.

Edit 16.39

And another thing.
No. don't get me started on that!

Did you know that when Dusty Hare won a "most promising young guitarist" award Jimi Hendrix came second ?

Edit 18.22

The Support Team arrive with Special Fish Suppers (the vegetarian option !). Tales are told of nightmares in traffic and at the shops. My mood improves considerably.


  1. Who's a Mr. Grumpy today then! (lol)

    Mind you I'd be really pissed off if I'd read all my library books.

  2. AND! Christmas is coming too....

  3. I do like John Hiatt. Saw him a couple of years ago in Glasgow - he's an even better singer live than I expected. Did a stripped down version of "Have A Little Faith In Me", and there was the proverbial lack of dry eyes in the house.

    Oh, and the "see me coming...step aside" immediately suggests AC/DC's Problem Child to me, which is another favourite.

    I'm away to rake through all my CDs. ;0)

  4. Grumpy ? Ahl gie ye grumpy, ma boy ! And then yer wingman comes along wi the "C" word !!!

    Scott. Saw JH with Little Village few years ago.
    Unfortunately Youtube doesnt have a clip of Only The Song Survives, one of my faves.

  5. This vegetarian fish.... Run that one past me again?

    Liked the ZZ Top - but you can keep Richard & Linda's chewing gum!

  6. Perhaps when you see vegetarian fish running past you it's time to seek professional help ?

    Anyway, never heard of Brussels Sprats ?

    I must concede that I may have been guilty of a minor terminological inexactitude."Healthy Option" may have been more appropriate. Chips (AKA Dundee Salad) are of course the classic vegetarian option in Scottish cuisine, and the "Special Fish" (breadcrumbs rather than batter) is allegedly lighter on cholesterol.

    I had thought RT's shirt, and hairline might have struck a chord with you !