Sunday 20 March 2011

Here we go again.


  1. Sung this one (really badly) at Falkirk Folk Club a number of years ago - great song! In fact it was off one of my favourite albums of all time...even Cap'n Jack agrees. Not often you get that sort of cross generation agreement!

  2. This is getting spooky !
    So many favourite individual tracks over the years, but as an album I think Washington Square Serenade is my most played. New album out next month, I hear !
    For those not in the loop, Steve Earle is a talented musician who writes beautifully crafted songs on subjects which do not endear him to corporate America. To me he is a beacon of humanity in the sea of cynical nihilism that now dominates the agenda on both sides of the pond.
    GIRFUY Murdoch, Clarkson etc.

    So there.

  3. I only came across Steve Earle at the time of "The Mountain" (probably my favourite album next to "The Revolution Starts Now") I now have a lot of Steve Earle albums!