Friday 25 March 2011

Karrimor Meridian Low eVent shoes

Yes. Another Gear Review !
Ok, I may not be a typical walker. But neither are you. So, shall we continue ? I need a lot of cushioning and support in a walking shoe. My feet have spread, and I am now a 46 as opposed to a 44 a few years ago..
I bought these just over a year ago, and they suit me just fine. At the time, I wasn't aware that Karrimor was not the iconic brand that it had been. They were listed at about £70, but I paid about £30 if I recall.
I have worn them almost continually ever since, apart from when I was sleeping, wearing a suit, or wearing the Jimmy Choos at weekends. Being old-fashioned, I felt I had to have a pair of boots for the winter and found a deeply discounted pair of Karrimor KSB 350s which are very similar except for being, well, boots. I could find no fault with them either, but have hardly worn them as I have seen the light regarding shoes for all seasons (almost).

So, dead comfy. Many of you would consider them heavy (I make them just under the kilo for a pair of size 11) but it's a trade-off I'm happy with. Grip I also find excellent, even on steep descents on wet grass.

Now, unfortunately< I dont keep stats. But after careful consideration, I reckon that they must have done at least 250 miles, and probably more like 350. And looking good for the same again !

But here's the killer. They are still waterproof ! Bog-trotting, puddle-jumping, burn-splashing - the only times I have had wet socks is when I've gone over the ankle.And, contrary to the received wisdom about shoes with membranes, I have not found them hard to dry out after getting wet inside. Overnight at the back door stuffed with The Warcry and they are ready the next morning..

I used to wonder when my grandad said, of a new purchase  "Well, I hope they'll see me oot"


  1. They still look good considering the mileage, especially the sole. I can only say they look a bargain for the price.
    I am one who doesn’t like membrane shoes/boots if being honest, because what goes in stays in. Above anything else they tend to smell worse than non membrane shoes/boots.
    I wear Gore-Tex socks which can be washed out regularly and keep the feet dry all the time whereas even with membrane shoes if water goes over the top you still get wet feet.
    It’s good that they dry out fast, my Inov-8’s usually take about 12 hrs after a soaking to dry properly. (Without a warcry) but maybe one or two Halleluja’s for effect.

  2. I am certainly very pleased with them, particularly when I read about more expensive shoes falling apart after about 200 miles.
    I haven't been walking in really extreme conditions ( most of my recent hillwalking has been on paths or tracks), but I must average about 20 miles a month just walking up the street to the library/post office/Co-op in addition to any hillwalks.
    I can't get my head around the concept of non-waterproof boots and waterproof socks, but, as they say, "don't knock it till you've tried it".It took years for me to give up my string vest !