Friday 1 April 2011

An explanation

Earlier today,I posted a wee April Fool (don't worry, it wasn't very good, you didn't miss much !)

In accordance with tradition, I deleted it at 12 noon. However, I see the link is still showing on blogs which have linked to this one. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

While I'm here......


  1. I didn't see it, but I bet I would have fallen for it. I popped in to see my mother today, had a quick read of her Daily Express, and unreservedly swallowed a "barking cat" story.


  2. Hmmmn. You sound like just the sort of person who would be interested in a little investment opportunity I am organising.

  3. Sadly I missed it fact I missed most of the media hoaxes yesterday.

    Maybe this is the April Fool and you intend us to spend hours on Google trying to find what you supposedly typed in then deleted yesterday. Aha!

  4. Damn. Wish I had thought of that.