Wednesday 13 April 2011

Fancy a night out in Stirling ?

from the BBC Scotland website

"The court heard Turner and Aimer approached Mr Lasota in Stirling city centre at about 0130 GMT.
Prosecuting, Brent Bissett told the court: "The complainer was with his friend, who had with him his pet ferret.
"They met the two co-accused in the street, and there was a conversation about the ferret."
He said Aimer and Turner then got into a disagreement with Mr Lasota about the animal, which led to the assault.
Mr Lasota's friend called the police, and Aimer and Turner were arrested.
Harry Coughlin, defending Aimer, and Alistair Ross, representing Turner, both said the assault had occurred because of the disagreement about the ferret.
Sheriff William Gilchrist fined Aimer £190 and Turner £225."

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