Saturday 9 April 2011

Split Trees Mystery !

Everyone enjoy the sunshine yesterday ? Anyone notice the one cloud symbol on the weathermaps ? Over Argyll it was.
Guess where I was yesterday ?
Yup. Argyll.
Roseneath Peninsula to be precise.

It was cold and cloudy. The walk was through a lot of forestry and mainly on hard surfaces. I got lost in a caravan site.
I've had better days.

Any interest was botanical

Kilcreggan Pier


  1. Cracking't Flags here !
    guess someone's got to be the balance ! keep it up
    cheers Danny

  2. As I endure the typically shit Scottish weather, I am sustained by the knowledge that, in so doing, I am helping people to wander about Yorkshire baht'at.

  3. Have the Midges started yet ?
    cheers again Danny