Monday 2 May 2011

Funny old game, blogging.

Sometimes you post a wee piss-take, someone takes it up and, before you know it, it has gone round the globe. Overnight your "followers" multiply eightfold and it ends up with ten times the number of page views of all the rest of your posts combined.

Then you post about something in which people have expressed an interest, and it dies on it's feet.

However. You want my advice apropos the upcoming elections. Here it is

  1. Turn up your speakers


  1. Aye, right enough...but where's Keith Moon?? Dead in the water, perhaps?

  2. Never mind Moon. I want to go like The Ox.

  3. You have followers...oh yes, so you have...that wee panel on the right hand column. I have Wordpress...we don't have followers. Who actually follows the blog continues to be one big mystery to Wordpress users.

    Very true about what you think will be popular failing to hit the mark. Happens all the time. Usually it's the "off the wall" posts that are popular whereas the bread and butter mainstream posts - dead!