Friday 13 May 2011

Want a screw,driver ?

Somewhere, a crowd of pimply social inadequates on obscene salaries have broken Blogger and appear to be unable to fix it. I was in the middle of composing a post when it broke - it appears to be gone forever.

Just testing to see if it works at all now.

PS. Just realised that most of you are far too young for bus conductress jokes


  1. Seems to be working now, although my last blog post did a runner. I reposted it, but I've just noticed that other bloggers' posts are reappearing out of date order.
    This is what happens when you're having a nap...

  2. I've just had a wee frenzy of explanatory out of kilter posting as well.

    The effect has been to make me look like a complete idiot to anyone stumbling across the blog.

    Or "an improvement" as I care to think of it.

  3. Seems to be back now.
    After it had been down for nearly 24 hours i contacted them and suggested wiggling the wires to the plug and switching it off and then on again. By an amazing coincidence it was back within minutes.
    Mike. Your Last Post is back, but without the comments including the obscure one linking your remark about the heron to the Constable Savage sketch.
    Scott.Relax- we never noticed. Honest.