Saturday 21 May 2011

Two Way Family Favourites

I've had a letter from Letitia Gruntfuttock of British West Hartlepool asking if I would play something for her fiance, Gunner "Smudger" Rabinowitz currently serving with BAOR 42.
"He is particularly fond of Gilbert and Sullivan and banjo music" she says. Well, Letitia, happy to oblige


  1. Great madness. Could almost be Louden Wainwright......

  2. There's your chance. Do you think the world is ready for a ukulele version ?

  3. ...and Linda Ronstadt was simply delightful in the Broadway version of the Pirates of Penzance, so there's clearly more of an affinity between country music and Savoy operas than one might initially imagine.


  4. I reckon everyone should be involved in one G&S amateur production. Life enhancing.
    However, more than one....hmmm

    (A superinjunction prevents me from commenting as Oldmortality)