Monday 24 October 2011

Referrer Spam

Everyday's a school day ! Apparently this is the name given to these automated urls who visit your blog without viewing any pages ( have I got that right ?)

Apparently all blogs get it, but with "high volume" blogs it tends to go unnoticed in the crowd. Only in a "low volume" or, as I prefer to call it "boutique" blog does it become noticeable.
Apparently it is harmless ( apart from buggering up your stats) and is merely an invitation to click on the link and avail yourself of the services offered on the website concerned.
I suppose I shouldn't complain, as, on some days, it's the only traffic I get.

Recently my frequent visitors have been jobsforsmartpeople, which is naturally quite flattering, and gothise, after visiting which, I died my hair black and sulked in my room for a week.

But life comes and goes .

Where it all started for so many of us all these years ago.


  1. Took me ages to get the hang of it........even bought the Davey Graham sheet music from a shop down by the Clyde once - unintelligible to me. Met a woman a few - all too late - years back in a London pub who told me anyone who could play this back in the day was on a sure thing; with her, at any rate! Made me weep in my beer, almost!

  2. Do you still have her phone number, Iain ?
    The main bit is quite easy, Am with the falling bass line on the top string and little twiddles with the first finger, but no one could ever learn it from sheet music !
    I once taught it to a bloke who went on to become the Chairman of the Conservative Party ( and a marquis) .

  3. What a great track. I missed Bert Jansch completely in my education and am only now discovering him. Ta, OM.

  4. Say him play in the Great Hall Stirling Castle a number of years ago...couldn't make out a word he said or sang for the whole concert - damn fine guitar playing though.

    I used to play by own (ahem) simplified version - listening to the original again it wasn't too bad an interpretation; just not as good (lol)...

    ...Just nipped through to the back room and picked up the old six string - still managed to the basic of it - but my God I think I must have arthritis in my right hand - so stiff - the fingers were excruciatingly slow!!!!

  5. Keep practicing Ken. And taking the glucosamine.
    Once you've mastered this one, try John Renbourne's Judy - seriously tricky !