Saturday 22 October 2011

The Bitch is Back

After protracted negotiations (we covered all the angles !) I can now announce the following agreement.

Blogger will, with immediate effect, allow me to post and to respond to comments.
The viewing of my followers will be  phased in over a two year period, subject to an exhaustive review of manning levels and differentials.

In return, I have agreed to desist from describing Blogger as a steaming heap of skunk excrement, developed by a circle-jerk of socially inadequate intellectual pygmies and maintained by a crowd of lazy incompetents with personal hygiene issues.
In addition, I will refrain from posting noisy rock music before the watershed.
Seems fair.

Eppul si muove.

I've a wee bit redding up to do, and then I'll be back in business.


  1. Circle Jerks are one of my all time favourite bands...

  2. Well: I'm Glad. All over.
    Yes I am.

    I'm glad all over.

    Can we get back to how things were, now? I hate maritals. It's jolly nice to have you. Back.

    Word = "ercuttog". But it won't be now 'cos I had to edit this to write was the word was.

  3. That didn't go well, did it? You can't edit comments with Blogger, either. Worples (that's waht spell checker wanted, but I wanted to write Wordpress) lets you edit comments after you have made a balls up of one...)

    It's life, Jim...

  4. It may be life, Jim. But not as we know it......

  5. OB, I thought for a minute you were going to say "all time favourite hobbies" Phew!

    Alan, I'm sure Glad enjoyed that ! (I always used to think of Mrs. Millls when I heard that Dave Clark song)
    I wont hear a word said against these nice people at Blugger

    Iain, Christ - its getting like a Trekkie convention in here

  6. About bloody time too!

    Thought I was going to have to come round knocking on the door - in person. You wouldn't like that!

    Neither would I mind you - lot of doors to get around in(Dunblane?).

    So what button were you pushing the wrong way?

  7. When it comes to chappin doors, I think you will find that I am a lot more familiar with North Broomage than you are with Bridge of Allan.Pal.

  8. Oops...when did I give away North Broomage? lol

    Fine place BofA - that's where all the posh folk live, readers. Nothing like a trip to Woodwinters...most enjoyable wine shop!