Thursday 29 September 2011


Blogger is not allowing me to respond to comments.
I have not been able to see my followers for about 6 months
There was a suspicious level of activity yesterday.
Someone altered yesterdays post. I have restored the original from the saved copy.

All in all, completely unsatisfactory even for something that is free.

So sod this for a game o' sodjers - I'm off.

Thanks for all the fish.


  1. No! Not serious?

    It's that old trick of the final farewell tour, isn't it?.

    I've seen the Stones three times on that basis.

  2. I can't see your followers either.

    Try Wordpress - I've never had any problems...and only my alter ego has altered the posts.

  3. Ooh - I can see all 18 of them. I wonder what the problem is?

  4. Tell a lie...I can see them on the main page but not on this post page. Dunno if that helps.

    Hold on...came in via my blog to main page and they're not there anymore...then refreshed page and they appeared again! Queer.

    Further experimentation - not consistent, sometimes on an individual post...sometimes not. Hmm.

  5. Blogger is very clunky if you're trying to comment using a google profile - as I've been discovering lately on a few blogs.
    Seems OK , though if I use the name/url option, provided I get it right the first time. Otherwise everything disappears.
    Its crap, really....

  6. Your followers appear intermittently! I right clicked and pressed 'Reload' and they appeared. 19 of them, anyway. That means you've gained one since 29 September.
    Keep trying, some of us enjoy our visits to these pages...

  7. Three times now I’ve come back from my holidays to find the world has changed. First time, the Soviet Union collapsed while I was camping in France. Third time, Old Mortality disappears. I can’t remember what happened the second time.

  8. Alan, Are you suggesting that I'm an attention-seeking diva ? Moi ? How dare you. I don't need to come here to be insulted.

    Ken, re "alter-ego" altering posts - there is a poster in the local library advertising a bi-polar self-help group. I kid you not.

    Alan, Fine. You can see them. But aren't you supposed to only use your superhuman powers to do good ?

    Ken again, thanks for that excellent analysis. But there is no need to question my sexuality !

    Mike, Blugger ? What's not to like ?

    Martin, I used to have a problem with seeing followers intermittently, but, since I stopped taking halucinogenic drugs, it seems to have cleared up. I really enjoy your blog, but sometimes it's so energetic I have to go and have a wee lie down.

    Alen, Was it the Kerry Katona divorce ?