Wednesday 28 September 2011

Visiting Scotland - a warning !

If any of youse had been considering popping up from Englandshire for an afternoon's frolic in the heather - well don't !

It is oppressively hot here in the Centrals, and the natives are not responding well.

However the good news is that the rain (albeit of the warmer sort) will resume tomorrow continuing what has been the wettest, most miserable summer since before Hibs won the Cup. You will find that we have topped up all the bogs for you and installed several new ones where once there was terra firma ; all the burns are now running like rivers and the rivers - well, better get here quick before the bridges get washed away. All in readiness for the rainy season and then the snow.

Look forward to seeing y'all !


  1. As if the threat of the bogs wasn't bad enough...Michael Marra! Maybe you should reconsider your application for Director of Visit Scotland.

  2. What he said, above. Good God, man! But you didn't mention the clegs. I'll give you that. Or the midges. Or the Windmills.

    Why, on earth, do I go there? All those other places with sunshine and cheap plonk and elastic bread, strong cheeses and sausages...

    What do we get? Driving Rain, Oat Cakes. Porridge. Tennents Lager...