Tuesday 20 September 2011

Vital signs

There being an unexplained gap in the otherwise perpetual precipitation, I was allowed out to play for a couple of hours this afternoon, on the understanding that I didn't get my feet wet, and I didn't talk to any strange women.

A leisurely stroll round the yew-knee-versity campus seemed appropriate, and a fine wee walk it proved

A sign of Autumn. (Acer sacharinum)


This strange triptych apparently marked the spot where the old counties of Stirlingshire, Perthshire, and Clackmannanshire met. You can just make out the P for Perthshire on the facing stone. The boundaries have long since changed and the marker itself has been moved and re-assembled facing the wrong way.

This baby is supposed to mark the spot where Malcolm Canmore defeated the Picts to create a united(sic) Scotland. Or it marks the site of a fair held by the locals to sell stuff to the Highlanders on their way through on the cattle droves. Or possibly both.

This has to be the worst drawing of an oystercatcher ever. !

And finally

I leave you with this.

It made my day, it did.


  1. You couldn't make that last one up could you.

  2. That final picture's brilliant. Cheered me up no end.

  3. Maybe there's still humour lurking in those hallowed cloisters!

  4. Good.
    It's not just me, then.
    Thanks all.